Sense Education provides dyslexia testing, advice and consultancy to parents and schools.


 *Please note, due to a full case load, I am no longer accepting new referrals*


Comprehensive dyslexia assessment for children aged 7 – 14

Fully accredited AMBDA dyslexia specialist

Assessment sessions, times and location tailored to your child’s needs and your preference

Recommendations tailored to your child’s profile to support learning in class & at home

Mini assessment reviews to check progress and provide up-to-date recommendations

Training and consultancy for schools in all aspects of SEN

Sense Education is based in the South West of England. The predominant areas covered are BANES, Bristol, Wiltshire, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire and areas of South Wales. However if you live outside of this area, please contact me for further details.

‘I am passionate about education and believe that every child should have the opportunity to access the very best education and reach their potential. A comprehensive assessment allows the parent and school to reflect on the holistic learning profile of the child. By understanding the child’s strengths and the areas they find difficult, we can begin to adapt our approach to suit the child. We can also intervene early and target key areas. As a result we can begin to move forward positively by truly understanding the needs of the child and how best to support them. As children grow and develop, it can help them to have a clear understanding of how they learn, thus hopefully raising self-esteem in the process.

Parents know their children best. I believe all assessments should be a joint process with the parents; with the child at the centre.  In conjunction with my professional knowledge I have the passion for education with a mother’s perspective.’

Helen Curran


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